How to create a scalable vue.js setup (Part I)

If you know me a little bit or read my bio in social media, you'll probably have noticed that I'm […]

A brief overview of responsibilities in modern web development

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Reviewing my journey from 2020

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Why your Open Source Project might lack (my?) contribution (1)

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Start. Testing. Now!

Hello hello - nice that you got here! If you read this, I'm pretty sure you care about your work. […]

5 Tips

5 reasons you might NOT need a mobile app

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5 Tips for better NPM script organization

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🏇 A simple tip to improve angulars compilation speed

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Lesson learned

Lesson learned: Kubernetes basics

This week was pretty stuffed with daily business, so there was not too much new insight until friday: At the […]

The Icon evolution and “How I switched from Font based Icons to SVG”

Last week, we made the decision to migrate from our font-based icon set to feather icons - an SVG based […]