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Sustainability in a modern world

Posted on September 22, 2022
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Sustainability in a modern world is a topic that is especially important to me.

While the main focus in life was surviving and getting through very tough times with wars and starvation up until the last one or two generations, the quality of life finally became a topic. While increasing the quality of life for most of the western civilisation, people unfortunately did not think very much about how this would affect the following generations or the environment.

I don’t wanna blame someone for deciding how they decided under those circumstances, but today we see the very strong results of those decisions:

The german Wikipedia defines sustainability like this:

Freely translated: Sustainability is a type of using resources, which enables non-temporary satisfaction of desires while keeping the natural regeneration capacity of affected systems (especially of creatures and economic systems). Original Nachhaltigkeit ist ein Handlungsprinzip zur Ressourcen-Nutzung, bei dem eine dauerhafte Bedürfnisbefriedigung durch die Bewahrung der natürlichen Regenerationsfähigkeit der beteiligten Systeme (vor allem von Lebewesen und Ökosystemen) gewährleistet werden soll. Source: Wikipedia

I like this definition very much, because I’m not a friend of reverting the enormouse technical and social achievements that we made in the past years to become more “sustainable”. Instead, I think it’s time to find a way to go forward from our current place in a sustainable way while fixing the errors of the past.

In my opinion, the only chance to achieve this is to use the resources and knowledge that we earned at such a high price. This way we can increase property through automation, use renewable energy, create emission free transport possibilities for goods and individual transportation or create artifical meat. This and many more possibilities are currently under research and will create a whole new world for everyone.

But how can I, as a techie, contribute to this?

I decided to work with MOBIKO very specifically on creating this better world: According to the german Government (Bundesregierung), the traffic sector alone had an output of 146 million tons (143,694,153.031 LT) of CO2. It’s the third most CO2-emitting sector in germany (after power generation and industry). The traffic on streets had a 96% amount of emissions emitted in this sector 2019.

Time to get up and change something!

But how can we change something without sacrificing prosperty and flexibility? Especially if there’s a very bad infrastructure in suburban and rural areas?

With MOBIKO we offer employers the possibility to provide a flexible and tax optimized mobility budget for their employees. This does not only help to fulfill each individuals mobility needs much better than company cars (by using e-scooters, public transport, carsharing etc.), but also incentivises the employee to use more sustainable mobility choices and increases the utilization of company fleet cars.

In the future, we also plan to incentivise the avoidance of mobility to save even more emissions and award the employee with sustainable mobility behaviour. This way we contribute actively for a better, cleaner and more friendly world - without any restrictions or personal sacrifices.

I’m convinced that we can make a real contribution for the change to a better world with our product and the numbers from the last 2 years are supporting my feeling and motivation to work on this great product.

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