Full Stack Dev

I love programming and did plenty of different languages – from c to typescript. My current Tech Stack is NodeJS, […]

Project Management

As „Head of Tech“ for the MOBIKO GmbH, I’m planning and coordinating the software development and product discovery processes. For […]

DevOps and Cloud computing

I’m developing processes for DevOps and Cloud Computing – currently with Docker, Microsoft Azure and Github Actions. I also sometimes […]

Process modeling

I help modeling and digitizing processes for my customers as well as for our internal needs. I’m checking the current […]


Software is only able to use it’s full potential, if data and processes are integrated and machines can talk with […]

Open Source Software

Open Source Software has an enormous impact on the digital IT landscape. There are plenty of offers, from programming libraries […]

Open Source Software

Open Source Software ist ein gewaltiger Teil der digitalen Landschaft. Von Programmierbibliotheken (npm, NuGet,…) bis hin zu Lösungen wie WordPress […]


Software kann ihr volles Potential nur dann entfalten, wenn Daten und Prozesse gemeinsam „miteinander reden“. Aus diesem Grund helfe ich […]


Sowohl mit meinen Kunden, als auch intern helfe ich dabei, Prozesse zu modellieren und diese zu digitalisieren. Dabei prüfe ich […]